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Are you still looking for that dream job? 


You’re never gonna find it…but…you can create something else that’s tailor-made just for you.  


Wanna know how? 


In this episode, my guest Ashira D. Jones takes us on her journey tof breaking the job-to-job cycle in exchange for her own work philosophy that helped her liberate her work!


You’ll learn: 


  1. How she took a part of what she was already doing in her day job and found a way to do it again outside.

  2. How her existing and growing network helped expand her work portfolio. 

  3. What her coaching school taught her about flexing the muscle of charging for your services. 

  4. How playing the long game eventually built her a bridge to something new. 


If you’re ready to learn from someone who’s done and doing this thing called “liberate your work and get paid to be yourself” then this is the episode for you!


About my guest: Ashira D. Jones is an intuitive leadership and life coach with PCC credential, MBA and 15+ years’ experience coaching wildly ambitious professionals, especially introverts.  She provides coaching to leaders from diverse backgrounds who want to simplify their lives, amplify their power and focus their energy for maximum impact. Having navigated several career shifts and entrepreneurial ventures, she is especially passionate about helping clients nurture, cultivate, and grow their ideal lives. 


Clients consistently give feedback about her ability to quickly build trust which allows powerful coaching to happen from the start. Ashira was certified through the Co-Active Training Institute and has earned an array of certifications to support clients. She has a holistic approach that has been described as playful, calming, and direct. If you’re looking to break free from society’s stifling expectations so you can design a life surrounded by work and relationships that are ideal for you, Ashira just might be your coach.


Outside of work, you might find her road cycling around the DMV, exploring national parks, and generally cultivating her ideal life. She can be found on Linkedin, Instagram @ashira.d.jones and her website address is


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