Resume Excavation Session

Gain clarity on your unique contribution to the world.

Passion to opportunity

Discover and activate your hidden superpowers with a

90 minute Resume Excavation Session.

You don’t need to start from scratch to create your perfect fit. The key to understanding your unique contribution lies in exploring your proudest and most satisfying achievements.

That’s because we never really stop doing what we are truly born to do. Instead, we learn to stuff our passions into the margins of our lives, give them a low priority, second guess ourselves and ultimately lose the story that ties together who we are and what we’re here to do.

“This was a valuable experience. Before my Resume Excavation it had been quite a while since I had even looked at my resume. This process was important in helping me highlight what I really value and want to promote more in my work. It also helped me identify tasks and topics that I really want to shift away from and de-emphasize. Even though I’m not currently seeking another job this process helped me mentally clarify what I want to do now and focus on what I can shift in my current job so I can use my strengths to do more of what I love. Thank you Joy!”

- Niko Turrentine, Senior Organizational Development Consultant, Navy Federal Credit Union

Your Signature Creation is probably already simmering away on a back burner in some forgotten corner of your busy life. All you need to do is adjust your perspective to see it, embrace it, and activate it so that you can

turn your passion into an opportunity.

But where do you even start?

In only 90 minutes, I can walk you through a method of looking at your accomplishments through a new lens, revealing your hidden talents and passions and clarifying your next steps to transform your life, so that you can do more of what you love and leave a legacy you can be proud of.

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