Signature creation and story brand package

Why search for the perfect job when you can CREATE it?

Stop searching for your dream job.

Start creating your legacy.

You’re dissatisfied and frustrated and you think the answer is a dream job or career change. You think you need to find a perfect fit or become more productive.

You don't.

Why? Because you were born for more than this. You were born to make a unique contribution and have a legacy.

What’s the way to that?

You have to CREATE! You have to create, bring to life something with your gifts. This is what leads to you feeling fulfilled and satisfied in work. Your work is not your job or your career.

It’s what you create.

I’m going to help you create your signature creation. Your product, project, service or experience that will make you incomparable, that will help you get paid to be yourself. You’ll create your ideal work experience. You’ll make your unique contribution. You’ll leave a legacy you can be proud of.

Start your legacy today

Breathe new life into your work with your

Signature Creation

I dream of a day when EVERYONE can say

“I love my work so much it doesn’t feel like work!”

It was only after I created many “perfect fit” opportunities for myself that I was able to look back and say…

“Wow! This is amazing! How did I do that?”​

So I reverse engineered my own path to exciting, energizing work. Now I can share what I’ve learned with other professionals just like you!

And I can be your coach (and your cheerleader) along the way!

“Joy is deliberate, attentive and resourceful!! When working with Joy I was challenged with tasks that grew me and provided the footing needed to seed several self discoveries! If you desire change, if you desire growth, contact Joy’s coaching program!”

- Christiana M.

I'm Joy Spencer

your Reframe Specialist.

I’ve been where you are, dreading the years stretching ahead of me at the peak of a career I had poured myself into but no longer felt passionate about. Experiencing the “Monday blues”, waiting for “hump day” and celebrating “TGIF”.

Asking myself, if this is what “success” feels like, why did I work so hard to get here?

I didn’t know where I was going to end up when I left my job as an Associate Director at a social justice NGO. I just knew I needed to become one of those people I envied, who LOVE what they do and wake up every morning feeling excited to get out there and do it.

It took me two years, but I CREATED amazing opportunities to get paid to be myself.

I discovered THAT is the beating heart of satisfying work.

And I am so excited to help you do this for yourself!

“The premise was simple. Set an intention! Then commit to doing something towards a goal EVERY SINGLE DAY. It didn’t matter how big or small the action. What mattered was that you did something towards it daily. I was amazed by all that I accomplished during the challenge. It was the most productive I’ve been in quite some time. It’s true what they say, you go further and faster with support. It was the extra push that I needed. Most importantly, I saw significant results personally and in my business. I was so inspired by the challenge created by my friend Joy Spencer, I decided to create The Experience.”

- Katherine Johnson