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Have you ever struggled to make a change stick? 

Maybe you got it going but somewhere down the line things ground to a complete halt.  

Maybe you were trying to make a change in your life.  

Maybe you were trying to help someone else or your team or your organization to change. 

Whoever it is that you were trying to help change you probably found out pretty quickly how hard or near impossible it is! 

I know that many of us, myself included, struggle with change and transformation of all sorts in our personal and professional lives. 

What I didn’t realize was just how off-base we are about how to go about ensuring these transformations come to life. 

Specifically, there’s a missing key that if we get it right will dramatically improve our success in transformations of all kinds.  

In this episode, my guest Dr. Hans Hansen, author of Narrative Change: How Changing the Story Can Transform Society, Business, and Ourselves helps us uncover this missing key.  

By the end, you’ll learn the missing key and how it can help you solidify your transformations going forward.  


About my guest: Dr. Hans Hansen is an Associate Professor of Management at Texas Tech, an Embrey Human Rights Fellow at SMU, and author of Narrative Change, the story of how narratives were used to fight the death penalty in Texas. His research interests are broadly related to meaning-making and the methods to inquire into those meanings. Hans specializes in qualitative methods and organizational theory, and his research articles have been published in the Journal of Management Studies, Organizational Research Methods, Human Relations, Organization Studies, Journal of Management Inquiry, and even Law Reviews. Dr. Hansen has held positions at the Kellogg School of Management, Stanford University, Copenhagen Business School, and Victoria University New Zealand. He has consulted for non-profits and Fortune 500 companies, from designing change programs to creating transformational cultures and strong brand identities.


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