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Did you know that boundaries aren’t about saying no?




If boundaries aren’t about saying no then what’re they about? 


And how can knowing this help you get the life you want? 


That’s what we’ll get into during this episode so that you can get a strong boundaries game because like most folks I bet your boundaries game is weak!


It’s the reason you keep finding yourself in things that you never planned or promised yourself you wouldn’t get sucked into.


It’s the reason your plate always feels full of other people’s agenda and never your own priority.  


Do you even know what your priority is anymore? 


Let’s stop the madness so you can get your life back and create the things that are most important to you!


About: The Reframe to Create podcast is hosted by Joy Spencer, an Executive Leadership and Storytelling Coach, Speaker, and Organizational Development Consultant working with professionals and leaders at all levels within organizations.  Joy leverages over 17 years of experience she gained while working to champion change in social justice movements, including those related to global access to essential medicines and consumer advocacy for online privacy.  This work required a dogged commitment to not merely challenging the status quo, but to reimagining and working towards creating an ideal future.  It is this commitment to creating that has shaped Joy’s coaching philosophy and approach today. Using her signature C.R.E.A.T.E. framework, Joy guides her clients through a process to become incomparable in work so they can get paid to be themselves.  


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