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"Before working with Joy, I felt like my feet were stuck in cement, trying to move but going nowhere."

Efua Opoku

Efua Opoku

Founder and CEO

Opoku Empire

My greatest challenge before working with Joy was that being multi-hyphenate I had many areas of passion, which meant being engaged in a lot of different things.

I was on a quest to understand my purpose and the unique gift I need to share with the world.

Joy took me through a process called the Resume Excavation and I joined her group to gain access to her C.R.E.A.T.E. webinars. The combination of these two activities has transformed the way I view myself. It revealed truly empowering work I enjoy.

There’s so much empowerment in working with Joy!

I began the process of eliminating what was no longer serving me on my journey. I am now in a position and have a centered posture with a focus on my unique contribution.

I am taking more initiative to bring my research and design thinking skills to the center of my work. I don’t accept things that don’t serve my creativity and I’ve built in activities to support and operate more in my gifts.

Before C.R.E.A.T.E.


Before working with Joy Spencer, I felt like my feet were stuck in cement, trying to move but going nowhere.

I needed a jumpstart to begin the process of achieving my goals. I also needed to start from the foundation to clarify my vision.

Joy has the ability to combine both personal and professional development lessons. Before working with her, I never thought I could create at work because I wasn’t a “creative” person. Combining my personal interests and my professional responsibilities in a creative way has allowed me to bring my full self to work.

Joy exceeded my expectations. At work, I’ve combined my unique attributes with my everyday work, which has led me to create webinars, videos, infographics, and oral presentations that help me communicate with my colleagues in an innovative way.

I’ve become the go-to person on key topics. It’s garnered me more interesting projects and more respect from senior managers.

Also, I’m nearly done writing my book!

Pauline Pratt

Pauline Pamela Pratt

Public Health Professional

Before C.R.E.A.T.E.


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