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Coaching for professionals who crave more meaningful work.

I’ve helped hundreds of people define their unique voice and brand and explore their hidden talents and suppressed superpowers, so that they can invest their time and skills into projects that energize and uplift them.

Get the actionable coaching you need to get clarity and untap your true potential. I will empower you to stop holding yourself back and start building your legacy.

Resume Excavation Session

Are you ready to go beyond your resume and unearth the treasures hidden within?! Finally get clarity on your unique contribution. Find out more about this coaching session to activate your hidden talents!

Signature Creation & Story Brand

Are you ready to turn your unique contribution into a product, service, project, or experience that’ll attract more of the opportunities you want and help you get paid to be you?

Consulting Services for Organizations

Does your organization want to foster a more authentic workplace culture? I can work with your team leaders to define and communicate their unique story and brand.