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Have you ever heard the saying “If you work your passion you’ll never work a day in your life?” 

Be honest.  What do you really think about this saying? 

Do you believe it’s true or does it make you wanna fight someone? 

Well, no matter where you land with this you’re gonna love the conversation I had with Carol Hamilton, Principal of Grace Social Sector Consulting on this topic.  

She is calling us to the carpet on this one! 

Get ready to rumble as we tackle this mantra and so many others that lead us to take on some very dangerous and harmful ideas about our jobs. 

Love it or hate it your job is likely here to stay with you for a while. 

Listen in for the reframes that Carol shares that may just be what you need to rethink its purpose.  


About my guest:   

Carol Hamilton, Principal, Grace Social Sector Consulting, LLC, and host of Mission: Impact podcast, facilitates whole-brain equity-focused strategic planning, impact mapping, service audits and organizational assessments for nonprofits and associations. She combines left-brain strategy and analysis with right-brain wisdom about human complexities for a proven, whole-brain, whole-organization process through which every stakeholder thrives. She is also a member of a consultant collective focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion that has a particular focus on racial equity, All In Consulting.

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