#37: Get Paid to Be You

What would it look like if you could be paid to be yourself?  Do you even know what to do in order to make this a reality? You might be someone who thinks that being paid to be yourself requires quitting your job and building a business around your brand. While this is one option […]

#36: The Secret to Unlocking Your Inner Storyteller | Rain Bennett

“There are plenty of people that have your skills. But nobody has your story.”     Now before you protest that you don’t have a story or that you’re not a good storyteller, my guest Rain Bennett of The Storytelling Lab has an answer for that.   You do.     In fact, you’ve got many stories […]

#35: Don’t Fulfill Your Job Description

Remember the first day at your job?  Remember thinking, “I’m starting all over again and need to make a great first impression on these new folks!” Maybe you’re months or years into your job by now but you STILL have the same feeling that you need to “prove” yourself every single day.  Well, it’s time […]

#34: Feeling Your Way to Your Next Job | Sawida Kamara

Why do you want that job?  Why do you want that title?  Why do you want that house?    Do you really know?    It’s not what you might think on the surface.     It’s not to get the status or climb to the new mountain height.     What you’re really after is the feeling […]

#33: What’s Your Superpower?

How would you answer the question “What’s your superpower?” Would you say that it’s your smarts or extreme strength? Do you wish it was something like being able to fly or walk through walls?  Unfortunately, these are only surface-level understandings of what your superpower is and they don’t get down to the real root of […]

#32: Why You Should Work Your Way Out of Your Job | Samuel Suraphel

How would you answer this question, “What does it mean to be mission-led and not job-led?” When I asked my guest, Samuel Suraphel this question I had no idea that his response would lead me to one of the biggest reframes about work that I’ve had!   Hold on to your hat and get ready for […]

#31: You Can Only Go as Far as Who You Are

Are you stumped on why you feel stuck yet again despite all the motivation tips and action planning you’ve been doing?  Maybe it’s because as I always say, “You can only go as far as who you are”.  And right now you’ve probably come to the end of this version of yourself and are in […]

#30: Your Personal Brand is Not What You Think

What’s your personal brand?  Is it a statement? Is it how you self-promote? Is it your image? Or is it what other people say about you?  No. Your personal brand is none of these things.  In this episode, I’ll show you exactly what your personal brand is and how it’s already in your life, waiting […]

#29: Curiosity [Part 5] 5Cs of a Creating Maven

Curiosity did not kill the cat!  I promise.  You can do this.   You can get back out there to explore and discover new things. Curiosity has so many gifts to offer, including being the missing spark to your imagination that can help you create something new!  If you’ve been feeling stuck these days then there’s […]

#28: Courage [Part 4] 5Cs of a Creating Maven

One of the wisest words ever spoken about courage came from Maya Angelou who said “Courage is the most important of the virtues, because without it, no other virtue can be practiced consistently.”    In this episode, I tackle this key characteristic that’s of critical importance to you as a creating maven.    Without it, […]