#62: A Real Life Case of “Liberating Your Work” | Ashira D. Jones

Are you still looking for that dream job?    You’re never gonna find it…but…you can create something else that’s tailor-made just for you.     Wanna know how?    In this episode, my guest Ashira D. Jones takes us on her journey tof breaking the job-to-job cycle in exchange for her own work philosophy that helped […]

#61: Dump These 5 Narratives Holding You Back

How can you move forward if you don’t know what’s holding you back?    You can’t.    But I’ve got you covered.    In this episode, I drill deeper into the lesson we learned from Hans Hansen in Episodes 59 & 60 about how our existing narratives may be holding us back without us knowing.  […]

#60: A New Approach to Your Transformation | Dr. Hans Hansen Part 2

Have you ever wished to be someone else in order to achieve your dreams?  It’s not uncommon to think you need to be someone else or get something else in order to get to where you’re hoping to go.   But what if that’s not true?  What if you already have everything you need right here […]

#59: The Missing Key to Your Transformation | Dr. Hans Hansen Part 1

Have you ever struggled to make a change stick?  Maybe you got it going but somewhere down the line things ground to a complete halt.   Maybe you were trying to make a change in your life.   Maybe you were trying to help someone else or your team or your organization to change.  Whoever it is […]

#58: It Could Happen to You…Are You Ready?

I was floored when I got the text.    “Fired.”    No, not me.  But someone I know.    Just like that.    In the blink of an eye, it was over.    How would you feel if you got that sort of news today?    Would you be ready for it?    Most people […]

#57: Build and Diversify Your Work Portfolio

Do you know what “liberating your work” looks like in practical terms?  It’s simple.   It looks like building and diversifying your work portfolio.  This is how you can get paid to be you, not just from one place, but many places!  In this episode, I take you through the 7 steps to build and diversify […]

#56: Liberate Your Work | Sawida Kamara

What do you think when you hear the phrase “liberate your work”? Do you think being able to work remotely? Do you think it means having the ultimate flexible schedule?  Do you think it means quitting your job to become an entrepreneur?  Liberating your work is none of these things.  Furthermore, it’s the key to […]

#55: Letting Go of Your Plan B

Are you running away from what you don’t want, rather than running towards what you do?  Is your focus on your “just in case” plan rather than your ideal plan?  If so, then maybe you’re living in your Plan B and being held back from your Plan A.   For many of us Plan B living […]

#54: Becoming Better at Navigating Transitions | Carol Cox

I have a confession to make.   Even though I help others get reframes all day long and help them navigate through some of life’s toughest transitions using a new narrative, a new perspective, and a new story–I suck at my own transitions! I know I know, physician heal thyself! Well, that’s what I’m doing in […]

#53: The Courage to “Lose Sight of Your Shore”

I’m back my Creating Maven and I’ve got one question for you.     Are you brave enough to lose sight of your shore?   This is the question I’ve been wrestling with over the past few months and it’s a generous one that keeps on giving! If like me, you feel the call to leave […]