084: Why Productivity is the Root of Your Job Dissatisfaction

It’s time to kick your productivity mindset to the curb once and for all! Why you ask?  Because it’s the reason you feel dissatisfied at work.   Don’t believe me?  I’m going to show you why and how in this episode:  I highlight a core feature of the productivity mindset and why it’s problematic  The critical […]

#83: This is Why Storytelling is Non-Negotiable

What happens when a storytelling coach forgets to tell a story?  She’s reminded of just how important storytelling really is! That’s what happened to me recently and it prompted me to think deep about why storytelling is non-negotiable for me, for you, and for every professional working at all levels of organizations.  In this episode, […]

#82: Future-Proof Your Work by Building Your Authentic Voice (On the Job) | Katie Anderson

Want proof that building your authentic voice and personal brand while you’re still an employee is your game-changer? Do you want to understand how a personal brand can future-proof your work in a volatile job market?  Look no further than my guest Katie Anderson. Today, Katie is an internationally recognized leadership and learning coach, consultant, […]

#81: Regret-Proof Your Life by Following Your Curiosity

If you had to do it over again what would you do differently?  It’s general wisdom that we’re more likely to regret what we didn’t do than we are to regret what we did.  And I agree. In this episode, I share a personal story of revisiting one of my life regrets and how it’s […]

#78: Find Your Passion By Knowing What You Hate | Betsy Jordyn

What if you’ve been going at things all wrong?  What if instead of running away from feeling anger and hatred you moved towards it? Not to indulge in destructive behaviors but to get curious and understand what it’s telling you about who you are and what you’re meant to do.   This counterintuitive view of how […]

#77: The Skills You Need to Make Your Dreams Come True | Lamarr Womble

“Exposure is the birthplace of possibility”  When my guest Lamarr Womble said this my mind exploded.   It made me think about how many more possibilities I’m missing because I haven’t dared to expose myself to something new.  How about you?  Are you exposing yourself to new things?  Could this exposure be the birthplace of not […]

#76: When Your Job and Mission Align | Josephine Garnem

What would it look like if your life’s mission found alignment in your job?  How would it feel to go to your job every single day knowing you were living out your life’s purpose?  It would feel phenomenal, wouldn’t it? This episode’s guest doesn’t just know how this looks and feels but she also knows […]

#75: The High Price You’re Paying for Inaction

Do you hope that if you leave things alone they’ll sort themselves out?  Maybe you believe the old adage that “time heals all wounds”.  While this may be true for some things it’s definitely not true when it comes to your gifts! In this matter, time will not lead to something better automatically. In fact, […]