#77: The Skills You Need to Make Your Dreams Come True | Lamarr Womble

“Exposure is the birthplace of possibility”  When my guest Lamarr Womble said this my mind exploded.   It made me think about how many more possibilities I’m missing because I haven’t dared to expose myself to something new.  How about you?  Are you exposing yourself to new things?  Could this exposure be the birthplace of not […]

#76: When Your Job and Mission Align | Josephine Garnem

What would it look like if your life’s mission found alignment in your job?  How would it feel to go to your job every single day knowing you were living out your life’s purpose?  It would feel phenomenal, wouldn’t it? This episode’s guest doesn’t just know how this looks and feels but she also knows […]

#75: The High Price You’re Paying for Inaction

Do you hope that if you leave things alone they’ll sort themselves out?  Maybe you believe the old adage that “time heals all wounds”.  While this may be true for some things it’s definitely not true when it comes to your gifts! In this matter, time will not lead to something better automatically. In fact, […]

#74: The Story Your Style Tells About Your Work | Solita C. Roberts

What’s style got to do with any of it?  Isn’t a focus on your style just a vanity project?  Isn’t your expertise more important than the clothes you’re wearing?  These are the questions I had for my guest and Image coach, Solita Roberts.  And she set me straight with the most powerful reframe on style […]

#73: This is Why Ownership is Non-Negotiable

What can we learn from Ms. Celie of The Color Purple and Tyler Perry? Well as it turns out…alot!   These two are powerhouses when it comes to personal branding and creating in a way that allows them to be paid to be themselves.  In this episode, I tease out how they both live out the […]

#72: We Don’t Talk About Bruno…but We’ll Be Sure to Use Him

Do you know your mission?  When was the last time you reviewed it or did something that moved you toward it?  Staying mission-minded instead of job-focused is something I advise my clients to do all the time.   But it’s tough when you work in a job-obsessed society and in a job that might be full […]

#71: Fall In Love With Disappointment

Have you ever been disappointed? Of course, you have! You’re human and you’re living life.   But even though disappointment is a part of life it still hurts and can sometimes put a deep and intractable fear into our bones. We’ll do anything, ANYTHING to avoid being disappointed again!   The price of this way of living […]

#70: Storytelling when you don’t have a story to tell | Karen Eber

Do you feel like you don’t have a story to tell? Even if you have one are you afraid you’re not a good storyteller?  Do you question if storytelling is something that a professional like you should even be concerned about?  You’re not alone with these questions!  Whether you’re a leader in an organization, an […]

#69: Let Go of the Old to Make Way for the New

Do you remember the great lesson you were taught on the monkey bars?  It’s the fact that to move forward you have to be willing to let go of what’s behind you.  And the end of the year is the perfect time to let go.  Being ready for the action of activating your gifts in […]

#68: Love it or Hate It: Your Job Has a Specific Purpose | Carol Hamilton

Have you ever heard the saying “If you work your passion you’ll never work a day in your life?”  Be honest.  What do you really think about this saying?  Do you believe it’s true or does it make you wanna fight someone?  Well, no matter where you land with this you’re gonna love the conversation […]