#52: What to Do When You Feel Lost

Have you ever gotten lost driving somewhere?  You keep going and passing the same landmark 3, 4, then 5 times!        It’s confirmed. You’re really lost.  What to do now?  Cry and scream at the steering wheel?  Keep driving and hope you spontaneously get found?  Maybe you just need to stop and get reoriented.  This lesson […]

#51: From Scratch

Every new year is the chance to try again.  What will you do with the freshness of this New Year?  At the end of last year, some of my friends insisted that I learn what to do with my new year by watching the Netflix Series “From Scratch”.  I was intrigued and was not disappointed […]

#50: Consistency Beats Intensity

Turtles win the race.  This is what I always say.  But sometimes turtles are a reminder that life doesn’t have to be a race at all! Neither does creating. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through experience this year it’s that consistency beats intensity, every time.   Sometimes it’s better to just take one step in […]

#1: The Dream Job is Dead. Look to This Instead.

Are you feeling stuck and dissatisfied with your work again? Have you been toying around with the idea of finally finding your dream job? I hate to break it to you, but the dream job is dead.   In this inaugural episode of Reframe to Create I show why despite this sobering fact all is not […]